by Peter Monroe

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released November 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Peter Monroe Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Lover on the Lam
well sometime in the night
between two o'clock and three
I realized
she wasn't lying next to me
Now I'm out before dawn
wonderin where she could have gone
And i don't know what to do except to ask you

Did you happen to see her
this girl she'd make any man a believer
she woulda looked like an angel lowered right before your eyes
well I've been lookin for that girl my whole life


Somewhere in this city
there's a girl/woman without me
well I s'pose that's most of them
But this one's different she was mine
She's both young and she is wise
And she's got the kind of eyes that make you sing
(they make you sing, they make you sing, they make you sing)

So if you happen to see
this girl so sweet she makes you weak in the knees
she will look like an angel lowered right before your eyes
Well I been lookin for that girl/woman my whole life

(this girl she would make
a poor man
a real lucky man)


she's a (one-two punch/winning ticket): intelligence and sex-appeal
dunno 'bout you but to me that's kind'a big deal
Well, No she don't have a name
please don't ask me to explain (that)
truth is we haven't met yet
...but I know she's real

did you or did you not see her
Don't look at me like that, I ain't no creeper
Okay okay I do admit
This girl she don't really exist
this girl just stands for what I miss
this girl every night
every night, every night, every night
(wouldn't you?)


Track Name: Habitata
you have been so good to me now
i don't know just how to thank you
you have been my friend
for so very long
everyone that we once knew
they've all gone away somewhere
but you have stayed right there
beside me
even when I was not beside you
even when I tried to quit you
And Lord knows I tried
Lord knows